Make Your Old Car Feel New

Make Your Old Car Feel New

Are you a car owner who doesn’t feel good and excited looking at your car because it has become old? It can happen to the best of us, especially if you are

The Different Types of Mag Wheels Available for Your Car

The Different Types of Mag Wheels Available for Your Car

Mag wheels are lightweight rims for tyres that are to be placed on cars. Mags are made of magnesium, that’s where the word mag comes from.They are originally made for racing because

The Main Car Audio Installation Options

The Main Car Audio Installation Options

There was once a time when automobiles did not come with their own pre-installed audio machines. However, auto manufacturers have since included the latest in stereo technology in their new models. Nevertheless,

Best Tips to Select the Excellent Performance Exhaust for the Car

Best Tips to Select the Excellent Performance Exhaust for the Car

Driving around in the factory assembled vehicle and a customized vehicle are two different things as well as the overall experience is also different. Performance exhausts make a lot of difference in

Proper Machine Buffing With Compound

Proper Machine Buffing With Compound

It is recommended that you use a variable rotary buffer/polisher. Four ply buffing pads from Buff and Shine or 3M Company are the easiest to use in corner and angled surfaces. You


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Some Tips for Upgrading Your Motorcycle Stereo

Changing or the installation of a motorcycle stereo takes special concerns. Understanding what exactly is involved with the configuration along with demands of this stereo is step one.

When exchanging factory components, a cabling harness adapter is always recommended. This will help you put your own stock components back in, and most importantly it will not likely void your own factory warranty. When harness adapters will not be available, they can easily come in.

A easy speaker upgrade is generally more required than you should think. Most share motorcycle music systems operate at the different impedance level than your own common aftermarket audio. Installing a couple 4 ohm speakers in the system that requires 2 ohms will perform damage for your stock radio stations and/or your new speakers. Another thing to bear in mind when exchanging speakers is the available power to drive the speakers. Although you’ll be able to add much larger speakers with the aid of speaker adapters, your manufacturing area radio may not have enough power to run these individuals. Lastly but equally significant, when selecting your new speakers be certain they should be able to withstand the weather. A papers cone speaker is not going to last prolonged when confronted with any h2o. For this specific reason, marine quality equipment is always preferred.

The addition associated with an aftermarket scalp unit or even receiver will generally provide more power to your audio speakers, provided your own speaker impedance matches your new stereo. The major only problem here of exchanging that share radio can be that typically you may also lose the hand managing functions to the stereo.

Therefore, we are finding that the obvious way to to gain better seem quality and much more volume with the least amount of headaches is with the help of an aftermarket amplifier along with upgraded audio speakers. Using this specific configuration makes it simplallows you to complement your audio impedance for your amp, retains the usage of your handlebar regulates, keeps the stock look, as properly as adding lots of power for larger audio speakers.

The installing an amplifier involves two crucial steps, installation and cabling. With almost no room to spare inside of a fairing, a small amplifier will likely be needed. Stay clear of digital amplifiers, while they generally provide more distortion compared to power. Additionally it is important that your bike’s electrical system has the capacity to provide the additional power that is certainly needed.

Fabricating a new mount in which holds the revolutionary amplifier in the area above the air usually is best suited. Mounting it right to the radio can cause additional high temperature, excessive vibration, along with extra stress on the radio and it’s really mount.

The wiring with the amplifier is rather straight frontward. The interconnection from music to amplifier is usually made which has a standard hi-lo converter fitted. The surface wire needs to be attached impartial of any other ground electrical wires (to neg. incurable on battery). The amps “remote power on” wire is usually attached to an accessory wire within the fairing ensure that this power is switched for being off if your ignition can be off. Running the energy wires will require the majority of time along with care. The wires need to be routed cleanly towards battery which has a fuse put inline inside 8 inches with the pos. incurable on battery. The audio wires tend to be attached in the standard vogue.

This brings us towards rear audio speakers. If your own bike came equipped with rear audio it probably includes a factory amplifier as well. This can make upgrading uncomplicated. Simply enhance the amp along with speakers with the factory cabling. If you propose to add rear speakers there are various options. You could replace your own bag truck tops with aftermarket audio lids which may have the audio openings molded into these individuals. The various other options would be to place the speakers within the bags. This will work well as long as the bag is ported. We usually port them on the tire side with the bags.

Whenever installing backside speakers, adding the amplifier to power your own speakers will net you the most effective results, for the reason that stock scalp unit is not going to provide enough power to drive the rear speakers. All of the connections resemble that with the front amp along with speakers. If your head unit is a two channel system you have got to connect the speakers into a hi-lo converter that’ll be attached towards stock entry speaker cable. It is additionally possible to add speakers and/or the amp towards rear excursion pack. This is finished in the same manner as aspect bag audio speakers.

Now that individuals have covered the normal concept with the stereo enhance, it is significant to mention the risks. Poor installation can cause damage to the bike’s electrical system, damage to the music equipment, and in many cases damage towards bike it really is self. Bearing that in mind, if you’re not extremely confident within your ability to discover the installation done properly, specialist installation can be recommended. The money you will pay to own job done right will likely be way under repairing an inadequate installation work.


Get your own bike fit to improve your bicycling skills

Are you a hardcore cyclist? Do you love this sport? Do you want to improve your skills? If yes, then you should buy a quick bike fit at your home. A bike fit is generally a 3D video fit concept, which is developed for the cyclists who want to improve their cycling skills. This is an amazing technology, which has been helping various athletes who are involved in this sport. If you are cyclist then this is a must device for you. With this device, you can practice at your home and improve your skill and expertise. This device has amazing features and qualities that guide you towards your goal.

Aid for developing skills

The bicycle fit is designed for the dedicated cyclists who want to develop their power, comfort and efficiency. With this device, you can watch and learn all about the balance of body with the cycle. This device helps you to know how your body interacts with the cycle while you cycling. This device modulates all the aspects of riding style and postures, which helps in enhancing the performance level. A bicycle fit can be your best friend in guiding you towards your goal. This device comes with two-sided video capture process, which captures process through physical examination.

Get all the advantages

If you are thinking of how to buy this device then you will be glad to know that bike fit san Francisco is right there for your service. This offers advanced settings of this device for ensuring success and achievement. The bike fit has various features and details such as:

Physical assessment of the cycle
Flexibility assessment
Analysis of leg length discrepancy
Alignment of shoe
Assessment of pedal stance
Assessment of footbed
Assessment of saddle fit
Video analysis
Positioning of the handle bar

The bike sizing features

Another amazing quality of the bike fit service providers is that you will get bike sizing service from them. They offer all kinds of bike sizing features for you by charging an amount of money. The price of the service depends on the need of the customers. Standard sizing, 3d sizing, size transfer service and other kinds of services includes separate amount of money. All the features are given to you at different prices. Therefore, you do not need to worry about it. You will definitely get all the necessary facilities that are required for developing your skill.


How to clean precision machined components

When the precision machined components is completed from the machine processing,the surfaces are sticky cutting fluids,grease,dirt and other debris material.If the parts is required coating/plating,all parts in the ultrasonic cleaning done before plating.Some times the surface treatment is not required for some parts,we should do cleaning next step.Make sure the precision machined components to be clean and grease free.

Due to get clean precision machined components,MEI Precision Manufacturing used automatic ultrasonic cleaning line,by the control device to automatically complete the product into the pool and each cleaning program.

Ultronic cleaning line

Ultrasonic cleaning machines using ultrasonic vibration principle, all kinds of complex shape, cleanliness requirements of high precision machined parts surface cleaning, to remove the part adhering oil, radioactive substances, dirt and other matter.As part of the optical parts, auto parts, electronic parts, medical equipment and other accessories required for high-precision.

You can select different cleaning methods based on the part of their own requirements:
1. Water or purified water cleaning
2. Add some chemical detergents for cleaning in the cleaning solution

To avoid scratching the parts during cleaning, we design suitable rack for different parts.All parts need to clean after feeding the dryer for drying,so that it can ensure clean and dry.

All the precision machined components apply to used in car industry,automotion equipment assembly,electronic industry,optical communication,medical equiipment,and many machinery industry areas.

You know burr is the inevitable product of metal processing, it is difficult to completely avoid. Burr exists, not only affects the appearance of the product, but also affect product assembly, performance and life. With the development of high technology, improve product performance, product quality requirements more stringent, removing burrs of precision machined parts is more important.

Ultrasonic cleaning can help us to remove small burr of the metal machined parts,when the ultrasonic abrasive suspension into the liquid, free abrasive obtained by ultrasonic impact energy on the workpiece surface is processed to obtain the desired size. When the free abrasive to high speed impact burr,it be removed from parts.Deburring ultrasonic power source is provided by ultrasonic means so little energy carried by the abrasive, so it can only remove tiny burrs.

The advantages of auto-ultrasonic cleaning line.

1. Save working time.

2. Safe working

3. Obtain clean surface of product

4. Ultrasonic Deburring

At MEI ,all precision machined component thru the ultrasonic cleaning before the shippment.